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    my friend would like to call this person a ‘fucking idiot’ because the doctor DIDN’T build the suit, or the arc reactor,...
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    The first thing he did in the iron suit after wheeeeee I can fly was go save the lives of hundreds of middle eastern...
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    Yes, but it’s been propagated (by people who didn’t know or didn’t care to know better) as a term for a group of people....
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    A note of accuracy: Mandarin does not refer to an ethnicity, a race, a people, or a region. Mandarin refers to a...
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  11. jammedstapler said: Im sure they mean green hornet oh my god that movie sucked so much
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    Wait, the magnet was created using a car battery and some scrap metal. Tony improved it by completing an experimental...
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    "This is why I prefer Iron Man as a Latino woman…" So instead of making your own dynamic character to represent an...
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    #he battles mandarin #get it …..i want this movie it’ll be like “My Fair Lady”, but with more Chinese in
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    I have mixed feelings on The Mandarin. Wikipedia says that he was half-Chinese in the comics (mind you, I thought he was...
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    Iron Man 3 trailer actually an elaborate smokescreen, film actually revolves around Stark and his struggles to learn...
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    Um…did they not actually watch the movie? Or read anything ever related to Iron Man? I’m assuming then think Yinsen was...
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    But he doesn’t really “build” much. I mean, he saves his life, but that’s literally just a powerful magnet attached to a...
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    But he didn’t make anything, didn’t he just hook Tony up to a battery? Yensin didn’t create anything that Tony profited...
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