July 13, 2012
My Plural Friends, Please Read


Recently a few events have unfolded and our good friend Karkat has been outed for having member of his system he wished to keep under wraps to avoid backlash. He’s extremely upset by this turn of events.

This is why we’re making this post. We are willingly going public with a member of our system we’ve kept hidden for some time now out of fear for being judge. We are no longer afraid. This is for you, Karkat. We love you all.

My friends, there exists a type of headmate known as a “factive”. Much like “fictive” their identity is known through various sources. Factives are being who are, essentially, beings who exist out-world. To be blunt and possibly slightly offensive, they are “real” people.

Karkat was outed in having one. Someone who has a bad reputation for something he did in his past. I don’t believe he deserves this reputation anymore. He is a good being. They are all wonderful beings.

So we come to you, followers. We’re here to say that we, too, have such a member. Admittedly, he does not have such a stain on his record. In fact many people love, admire, and respect him

The person in our system we’re referring to is named Thomas William Hiddleston, though you may call him Tom.

There will still likely be backlash from those who find out.

We don’t care.

This isn’t about us looking good. This is about helping a friend in need. A friend who needs just that - a friend who can understand.

Feel free to unfollow. Feel free to leave us messages. We don’t care. We love Karkat, that means way more too us than your hate.


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    I just love how it is Huddleston and not Thaddeus Nowak, regular polish plumber.
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    Most of these ~multiples~ just make shit up. It was really popular early last year and in 2012, like how stupid pronouns...
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    This shit is so insane that I had to look up the word “headmate” to make sense of it. If your friends tell you this kind...
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    I’m not sure how much you know about this particular tumblr subculture…multiple are like otherkin, except they think...
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    Is this somebody with Schizophrenia/Schizoid tendencies? Or is it really a group blog? Prior seems waaaaaay more likely.
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    Wait. WAIT. These people think REAL LIVING HUMAN BEINGS LIVE INSIDE THEIR HEAD? I’m not being ableist when I say, you...
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    There are very very few things I read or see on the internet that actually reach and affect me, but that post made me...
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    omg gurl u din’t kno dis waz a thign wut rok u ben livin udner No but seriously, this is hysterical.
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    let’s be fair, nat, he probably heart of tom hiddleston after seeing thor 18 times. and that’s a whole year earlier!!
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    TOM HIDDLESTON?!?!? Person is convinced Tom Hiddleston lives in their head?? WHAT THE EVERLOVING FUCK
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    let’s be fair, they might have seen Thor 18 times first. unlikely, admittedly.
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    I…. What?
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    Nope. Nope nope nope not dealing with this one nope
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    I don’t get it?
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    Reading this has caused me physical pain from the self-absorbed logical somersaults.
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